Graphic Design and Printing

At the Sign Maker our graphic design services are an important part of our  sign business.   It is essential to have the basic elements of good sign design.

These elements are:

A good sign design should convey its message clearly and concisely.  There is nothing worse for a business than for it not to be found or readily identified by potential customers.   Whether it is a single sign that identifies a group of businesses, or a single tenant sign, the ability of a sign to quickly convey its message is essential.

A good sign design should be compatible with its surrounding environment and buildings.  As one wouldn’t place an oversized painting above a mantel, a sign shouldn’t be oversized for a building, or out of scale with other area signs.  Signs are an accessory use and should work within, not dominate, the building or landscape.

A good sign design should promote a visual image of the entire community.  For instance, if a sign is to be placed in a historic village, the sign should be designed to reflect that aspect of the community’s character.  Often, particular areas of a municipality are discussed in detail, including a description of what the community should look like.

General Sign Guidelines:

Number of Words – It stands to reason that the fewer the words one must read, the easier they will be read.  It’s recommended that a maximum of 6 words be allowed for quick recognition.

Colors – Simple color schemes can aid in accentuating important words.  No more than three colors should be necessary. When a sign gets too “busy” it becomes harder to get its message across to the reader.

Lettering Color Scheme – In addition to limiting the number of colors, it is also recommended that the light – colored lettering be used on a dark background.  The purpose for this is two-fold: light – colored lettering stands out and is easier to read, plus signs which are proposed as internally illuminated or lit up at night will cause less glare when the letters are illuminated more than the background.

We also provide printing services along with our graphic design..such as business cards, table tops and brochures.